Smart Identification

iWhoAmI introduces “W-Codes” which allow you to give digital identity to your objects. Identify and add information related to them creating your own catalogue.

W-Codes help you to manage your sets of keys, register those things you take to your storage room and warehouses and add information to your books without writing on them. Moreover, you can protect sensitive data printed on documents, maintain track of the life-cycle of your fixed assets from acquisition to disposal and many other usages and customised solutions.

W-Codes are sold printed on auto-adhesive labels using the most appropriated materials and shapes for your needs. Furthermore, if you wish, you can print them free of charge.

Make the most out of your codes with our free App. Download it today at:

Get Your W-Codes

Get your W-Codes and stick them to an item of your choosing. You can then scan them with your phone and edit the information behind every code. The system will manage a list of your codes.

Simple and Easy to Use

The easiest way to have your belongings identified and located.


Keep your information private and allow other people to see only what you make publicly visible.

Adapts to Your Needs

You can manage your codes and the information behind them from wherever you are, whenever you want.

How it Works

W-Codes are very easy to use. Just sign up to iWhoAmI´s service for FREE and you will be able to order or generate your own labels. Once you have your labels, stick them on your items and start up your codes by using your favourite Bi-Di code scanner or our App. It´s that easy!

Sign Up
Get Labels
Stick Label
Start Code

Daily Usage

Your W-Code will then be ready to be scanned as many times as needed. Depending on your selected privacy setting, just you or everyone will have access to the information. Scanning the codes will take you to the web page with the information related to your item.


You can also go to your account to search for the information and location of a specific item.


Personal Accounts

Everybody can get a free personal account. Be the first to try it out!

Get in Touch

Send us your details to telling us what you would like to use the W-Codes for and you will be one of the first to use it for that for free.

We Want You on Board

First 10 people who sign-up this week will have 50 labels ship to them for free.

Business Accounts

We deliver W-Codes services as an excellent solution for your in-house fixed assets and keys management. W-Codes can also be used for many other labelling solutions.

Tailored-to-your-Needs Customisation.

We make sure to meet your requirements in terms of code templates, printing, branding and so much more. Just get in touch for more details.

Smart Permission-Based Access.

Only your company and its employees have exclusive, secure, permission-based access to your codes.